Eat tamales and be happy!

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This photo gallery is so you can get an idea of ​​the service I offer you.

Mole negro tamales with banana leaf and chicken protein

Small pork tamles in red sauce and also spinach with cheese presentation of appetizers

Tasty pork tamales in red sauce made from dried chilis little spicy level

I would love to hear from you, tell me about your idea and together we can ensure that everyone is happily entertained at the event you are organizing.

Tamales and traditional pan de muerto, with champurrado, to celebrate November 2 in a class at a public library.

I like to help with a little decoration on the table when possible.

Delicious service of tacos and quesadillas with corn tortilla, pork protein, asada, chicken and mushrooms with a red sauce based on dried chiles, a lot of flavor not very spicy. vegetarians/vegans, gluten-free, lactose-free.

Here I show you evidence of some services in which I participated

Appetizer tamales, pork in red sauce and mozzarella spinach, for an event at the Denver Science Museum.

Sweet organic strawberry appetizer tamales with cream cheese filling, for a recurring client.

A hot drink to accompany Mexican meals is Champurrado, it has its origins in the Aztec culture.

Corn tortillas handmade by me, to accompany Mexican food.

Part of the mole negro process, request from a special client.

This photograph shows the dough for the mole negro tamales with chicken protein.

Here I show you the time I documented my aunt's pork tamales recipe.

Dessert from Sonora, my home state, buñuelos made with flour and piloncillo candy, it is customary to have them for dinner at Christmas

Same recipe just change the presentation

I found an apple at a good price and I thought what I could do with apples

So I made apple pie and sold them, they were very tasty.

They are garnachitas based, it is a mini flavored corn tortilla, on top it has protein of your choice.

It also has a carrot curtido with cabbage, decorated with sour cream and fresh cheese.

I made them as an appetizer presentation, it can also be a regular size, it is a recipe from a lady from Oaxaca

Chocolate cake to celebrate a boy's birthday

Part of the preparation process

Alfajor cookies filled with dulce de leche, when they come out of the oven they smell and taste delicious!

The cookies are already cold and can be filled, I love preparing these cookies

Recipes from my mom and my aunt (don't tell them I'm selling you food, the flip flop is coming)

Here I am with my friend at a service at the Denver Science Museum.

My two boy children helping me document my aunt's recipe, it was almost spy work to get her to show me her recipe

The dog's name is Shelsy, she is already old like everyone in the family. Lol.

Challenge achieved that my children work together and have fun, I also managed to rescue the recipe

If you like what you saw, wait until you enjoy my recipes. (well recipes from my mom and my aunt)

Do you think I forgot something? Maybe your idea is different from what I show you? 

I would love to hear you!

I'm excited because you're still here and I'll be even happier to hear from you.

Now it's your turn, I'm sure you thought of something new for your event, you just have to put action on your plans and look for me, I'm happy, I want to help you with your event.


Comal heritage social program 

by Focus Points NonProfit

Chef participating since January 28, 2022 and I am still valid.


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